About US
Juh Jye Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1993. After many years of maintaining the professional technologies and constant development, innovation and enhancement, we are also dedicated to the research and manufacturing of the following:

※ Stainless steel 304,316 L fittings, pipe series
※ High precision metal manufacturing with iron, copper,
  aluminum, titanium, plastic steel
※ Various types of fire fighting fittings, galvanized iron quick
  connectors and mechanical parts manufacturing which
  are in line with market needs

Machine equipments
Our company is equipped with Japanese-made Mori Seiki CNC computer milling compound machine as well as CNC computer milling and milling equipments with top of the line precision and quality. For those with special specifications and diagrams, we can provide customers with custom-made products in all sizes and fast delivery.

Business items
※ Stainless steel hydraulic fittings, medium and high pressure fittings, titanium metal, quick connectors
  that are both acid and alkaline resistant
※ Teflon fittings and all kinds of lost-wax casting connectors
※ Diversified material applications and surface processing in iron, stainless steel 304, 316L, copper,
  aluminum alloy, titanium and plastic steel are provided for customer selection.

Product applications
※ Suitable for high pressure, vacuum and temperature, industrial instrumentation tube fittings,
  petrochemical, medical and food applications
※ Mechanical control systems, fluid power equipment, plumbing, electronics, marine hardware ... etc.

In the future, we will aggressively strengthen our market competitiveness as well as product R&D to raise the level of superior, high quality and satisfaction for our customers. Honesty and responsibility are our unwavering beliefs.

We welcome the opportunity of R&D with sample diagrams as well as OEM cooperation.